Karako Kagi Ruins

Address Karako and Kagi, Tawaramoto-cho, Shiki-gun, Nara

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Karako Kagi Ruins is a typical moated settlement ruin of the Yayoi period, located along Route 24 from Karako to Kagi. It covers an area of 420,000㎡, of which 100,000㎡ (the area to the east of Route 24) is a National Historic Site, and the development of a historic park is underway. A characteristic trait of Karako Kagi Ruins is the multi-layered moats that surrounded the settlement. In the settlement area within the moats, remnants of large structures using pillars of over 0.6 meters, raised-floor/pit dwelling houses and wells have been found. Also among the findings are artifacts used in everyday life during the Yayoi period such as earthenware, wooden ware, stoneware, ritual relics, and carbonized rice, equipment used for bronze casting, limonite containers containing magatama (comma-shaped beads), and special relics such as earthen vessels with pictures of castles. These artifacts are on exhibit at the Karako Kagi Archaeological Museum.