Imazato no Hama

Address Imazato, Tawaramoto-cho, Shiki-gun, Nara

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Imazato no Hama was a river port of the Edo period located at the uppermost stream of Terakawa River, a tributary of Yamatogawa River, and was commonly referred to as "Hama." During spring, fertilizers such as oil cakes and dried sardines, salt, and general goods were brought in from Osaka, while during fall, rice, cotton, and grains from Yamato were sent out from the port. Rows of ship brokers lined up as landing places for these commodities, and Imazato no Hama flourished as the outer port of Tawaramoto's wholesaler district. However, with the opening of the railroad in the Meiji period, it fell into disuse and currently does not retain the image of its old self.

Tawaramoto Furusato Karuta