Kagami Tsukuri Shrine

Address 816 Yao, Tawaramoto-cho, Shiki-gun, Nara
Phone 0744-32-2965

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Kagami Tsukuri Shrine (Kagami Tsukuri Niimasu Amaterasu Mitama Shrine) is a Grand Shrine recorded in the ancient text Engishiki and is enshrined in the village of Kagami Tsukuri, also recorded in the ancient dictionary Wamyosho. It is dedicated to the gods Amateru Kuniteru Hiko Hoakari, Shikori Domeno Mikoto, and Ameno Nukadokono Mikoto which have been believed to be the gods of mirror casting since ancient times. The shrine treasure is the Sanshin Nijukhyo, an ancient mirror decorated with gods and animals, which is thought to be a chipped version of the Sankaku Buchi Shinjukyo (triangular rimmed mirror).

Otaue Matsuri Festival

Rituals of Otaue Dance, Honen Dance, and Ushitsukai (ox handling) are performed. It is said that the more the ox rages, the more rain they will be blessed with that year. After the performance of rituals, pine seedlings and rice cakes are tossed and an air of excitement fills the shrine grounds.
Date: Sunday around to February 21

Aki Matsuri Festival

Many candles line the approach to the shrine during this stately, ceremonious festival. At the worship hall, a live performance of gagaku (ancient court music) by shrine musicians and an o-kagura (sacred music and dance) by mikos (shrine maidens) will be held.
Date: Saturday and Sunday in mid-October.
※The Akari no Matsuri will be held on Saturday night.