O Shrine

Address 569 O, Tawaramoto-cho, Shiki-gun, Nara
Phone 0744-33-2155

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O Shrine (O Nimasu Mishiritsuhiko Shrine) is a Grand Shrine recorded in the ancient text Engishiki. The village of O is thought to be where the ancient clan of O (of which O no Yasumaro who was part of the compilation of the ancient text Kojiki belongs) originated. The shrine is dedicated to Emperor Kanmu, Kanyai Mimi no Mikoto, Kannu Nakawa Mimino Mikoto (Emperor Suizei), Himegoshin (Tamayori Hime). Of these gods, Kanyai Mimi no Mikoto is said to be the forefather of the O clan. The main shrine building is a Designated Cultural Property of Nara.


A spring festival to pray for huge harvest. Rituals are held in the morning and sacred music and dances are performed in the afternoon. There is an Omochi-maki (rice cake toss) at the end of the festival and each year, many visitors enjoy grabbing the rice cakes.
Date: 3rd Sunday of April