Ike Shrine

Address 502 Hokiji, Tawaramoto-cho, Shiki-gun, Nara
Phone 0744-32-2391 (Chief Priest's Residence)

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Ike Shrine (Ike Nimasu Asagiri Kihatahime Shrine) is a Grand Shrine recorded in the ancient text Engishiki dedicated to the gods Takuhata Chijihime no Mikoto and Sugawara no Michizane. It was known as Tenmangu Shrine until the beginning of the Meiji period. During the Middle Ages, Tenmangu Shrine was the local shrine of the powerful Hasegawa clan. Even after early-modern times, Hokiji Temple’s priest Jissoin managed the shrine’s clerical businesses as the priest attached to the shrine, and this relationship continued until Hokiji Temple was cut off from Ike Shrine when the Shinbutsubunri edict to separate Shinto and Buddhism was introduced.

Onda Matsuri Festival

Unhulled rice is scattered, rice paddies are plowed with oxen, and rice sprouts are planted by villagers. At the end of the festival, rice sprouts are thrown to pray for a good harvest.
Date: Sunday around February 22

Aki Matsuri Festival

On the eve of the festival, 5 elaborately decorated floats enter the shrine, which is known as “Miya-iri.” The floats are lined in front of the worship hall, and kagura (sacred music and dance) and festival music are presented to the gods.
Date: Saturday and Sunday around October 19