Tsushima Shrine

Address 549 Tawaramoto-cho, Shiki-gun, Nara
Phone 0744-32-3914

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Before the Shinbutsubunri edict was introduced to separate Shinto and Buddhism, Tsushima Shrine was known as Gionsha. It is commonly known among locals as "Gion-san" as the temple that holds the grand Gion Matsuri Festival in the summer. Although the current deities are Sunosao no Mikoto, Kushinadahime no Mikoto, Hondawake no Mikoto, and Amenokoyane no Mikoto, among others, it is said to have originally been the guardian deity of the village of Tawramoto dedicated to the god Gozu Tenno. As Tsushima-sha Shrine of the dominant Hirano-clan's birthplace (Tsushima of Owari Province) was also dedicated to Gozu Tenno, the shrine's name was altered to Tsushima Shine in 1869.

Hatsu Ebisu Matsuri Festival

At Ebisu Shrine located on the grounds of Tsushima Shrine, a festival is held to pray for peace and prosperity in the household. Lucky bamboo branches are also sold.
Date: 2nd Sunday of January

Gion Matsuri Festival

A festival to pray for huge harvest and an end to epidemics, Gion Matsuri Festival is held each year on a mid-July weekend and is commonly known as "Gion-san." It is a grand, time-honored tradition which was backed by the area's abundant wealth (also referred to as "the Osaka of Yamato") and still attracts huge crowds as the largest summer festival of the Chuwa Region.
Date: Saturday and Sunday of mid-July